Chained v.15

Don't hope any synopsis or game world description - this can be fairly simple minigame that's presumed to be part of some other biggger game (that you may find on author's website... for those who will enjoy this puny presentation ofcourse). The idea is likewise very plain - you have nice looking naked blonde being chained up isn some dark basement waiting to be fucked. You as a player can switch the positions of four different sliders and see to what results it will bring you and your candy slavegirl. On the left side of gamescreen you will find the bar indicating the enlivenment. Also in this version will be added several features including whip or anal bang-out with that will trigger anotehr system known as joyCircle (it will display you how much excitement that your actions will add to the club when you done but keep noticed that unresponsible with it might not include but even to decrease the general sexual awakening!) .

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