tower defence

Plants VS Nymphos

Something for mature sex game titles - some thing like tower defense game in outlines. Anyway, set available heroes around the screen (read briefings in their powers) and try to stop assaulting nymphomaniac girls.

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Leia against the Fuck Imperium

Princess Leia is doing what she does best - top teh rebellion from the Evil Empire... and no matter is that a movie classics or anime porn parody game! But wait! This game has just one major surprise for you instead of playing queen Leia once more this time you will lead the emperial troops! Thus use the recources you have to acuire the most effective group of troops along with drons and ship them in the battle. Genre of the game is close to"tower shield" just you aren't defencing anything since you're on attacking side. The purpose is really clear - at least one of your troopers has to reach Princess Leia before she will take him away from her blaster. And it is not an effortless job as you'll soon realise... At the person who will can get to her will find a very special prize (it's a manga porn parody - remeber?) .

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