Subway Fucker Part 1

An interactive 3 D flash act game that occurs in Okinawa. A youthfull and huge-chested doll who works as a journalist in a local newspaper comebacks home. She goes down to the subway. Suddenly, the woman falls behind him a rustle and shadow sets in. Waking up, she sees a dark basement. The fire is on. Next to the woman, she sees that a table with some unusual devices. The nymph with horror understands that she was the victim of a rapist maniac about whom she wrote at the paper. And it ends up to be quite a prada. From the depths of the basement emerges a large muscular body using a bag on his head. . Oh gods. The damsel became a victim of a maniac and his doll that was sexual. The maniac will rape the dame at any time and as he wishes. Do you wish to know the continuation of this narrative? Let's embark the game right now.

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