Karyukai Part 1

What can be more titillating then hot youthful student going for an abroad trip after graduating? Only if she will try to be a true geisha in Japan! Akimi is your main gal in this game. She dresses quite whorish yet she will nevertheless has to learn a lot to become geisha. For this she goes to Kyoto where she will fulfill Enako who'll introduce her to the world of oriental pleasure... The game is created from 3D modelling style. A few senes will soon be interactive - you'll need to locate active objects on the display and activate them. At some point you may need not only activate an object but quickly find respond for you act - hence you finer to ake your eyes off out of Akimi's tasty booty occasionally! And rememberif you got stucked at any part just type in the term"japan" in the game to receive a hint!

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Secrets of Heaven

Just imagine the situation if a day you wake up and... there's a blonde chick taking the shower in your place. Well, that sometimes happens in real life. Then you find out thatyou or her don't remeber what has occurred and how do you both end up . And this is the kind of story that you finer see only on the monitor of your computer rather than reality. Especially when the blonde lady says that her title is Heaven and she may be some sort of goddess... From today on your job is to visist areas and talk with few characters that may shed some light on what truly happened yesterday and who this blonde hottie really is. If you are going to enjoy it then do not leave behind to check different games out of"Lesson of passion" serie sonnie our site.

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Gypsy glases

Hey there! It's Pedro the Gypsy and today he has something very special for you to suggest! Have you heard of magic gypsy glasses that will let you to see thru any clothes? Since Pedro has only couple of pair of them left and you might eventually be the lucky owner of one of it. And seem slike he is telling the truth - right once you will buy them (in the event you decide to buy these course - there's always another choice to choose) you can test them here at the club. Check otut these beauty playing darts in thecorner. You kinda noticed she isn't dressed in any undies tonight now you can assess her and to understand this for sure! And she is not the only person who is going to be inspected by your bewitching opinion tonight. But be cautious - who knows what you might see in this hour...

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