Meet’N’Fuck: Star Mission

The year is 3050. The masculine population has decreased dramatically as a result of lengthy, bloodstained, intergalactic wars. Today all guys are all property of their United Galactic Federation and are utilized just for breeding purposes. In special cryogenic capsules, masculine people are shipped to various parts of the universe for the settlement of fresh planets. Our hero Chuck is one of these guys. After awaking from hypersleep he decided the time of sexual revolution has arrived!

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Space Paws (Alpha 0.25.1)

This flash game will permit you to love the exploration of space. Surely exciting and interesting. So that you wake up aboard a spacecraft after anabiosis. Opening your eyes that you find a red-haired and buxomy damsel. Her name is Alisson and she's the helper. She takes you to the captain's bridge and offers you a introductory education. Your mission is to investigate space, battle pirates and aliens. You can also get to the space station to sell the goods and go to the area tavern. In it you are awaiting sexual and perverted experiences. To interact with the game use the mouse. Start exploring space at the moment.

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