Hanging Sex Slave

At a dark and gloomy cave there are gatherings of the sect of worshipping the sexual god. Every single time they require a new prey for sexual enjoyment. This time, the sectarians captured a buxom red-haired gal. She was hung by a cord to the ceiling. Your mission is to fuck this damsel in the title of this god of Gender. To do so use the icons that are located on the left aspect of this game screen. And love the way a couple of sectarians will fuck a busty damsel in a vag and an asshole. They come to courage from such action. Their victim can not stand against and plays with their masochistic actions. Enjoy this game right now.

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Monica rape

Fresh arcade game from founder of Abduction series. Stunning actress Monica Bellucci is just looked like by Main heroine in this game. Graceful body, long legs, large breasts. But today is a bad evening for Monica, make you and maniac to play. You ought to grab every hole and fuck her up! Use Up and Down arrow keys to avoid obstacles. Little hint: hold all those down and up arrow keys, in the end it's helpful to jump over all stones (bug in the game).

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