Horny Afternoon 3 – An afternoon at the swimming pool

Because this is already third area of the narrative then you know Wendy. She is youthfull and beatiful lady from a really prosperous and respected family. She's getting her education at the very special school but now it's the period of vacations so that she finally goes back to her home. But if she had been intending to receive a conclude liberty here she has onlyforgot about Nanny who works as housekeeper and a few of her duties is to keep an eye on her young mistress. Yet when Wendy is visited with her girlfriend Chloe plus they both decide to devote their day in the pool Nanny turns off her guard. Since what can happen? Another one Horny Aftrenoon - that's what! When you haven't played former games from this series then visit our site and play them very first-ever!

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