PokerPool 4

Billiards for disrobing plus poker. Have you ever seen something like this? You have the opportunity. So look carefully in the game display. On the outside of the billiard dining table have been game titles. Your job is to send a baseball ball to the right card. Then the stir goes to your opponent. Of course, you have to form a card combination bigger than your opponent's. By the way, this is a beautiful doll. A lovely and chesty blonde that will distract your attention from the gameplay. Therefore, if you won the around - you'll see the blonde starts to undress. The ultimate purpose of the game is to leave the big-chested blond nude and enjoy her gorgeous shapes.

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Sexy Strip Poker V5

Just like to play hot women in card matches? Well, then tonight we have for not one but three real sensual models ready and prepared to become your competitors in strip poker! To start with you will ave to choose which of women you want to undress initial - playfull teenager Mica, classy cougar Alectra or mysterious Eve. But regardless of which one of them you may choose you will them nude just when your poker skills are good enough. Not too much differences from first game rules here - make a bet, deal the cardschange some and hold some to receive a better combination. Each time you will send woman's consideration into minus she will need to restore the amount he rmoney in exchange for a number of her clothes elements. Keep winning and you will notice the entire striptease photoset and even few videoclips!

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