Nurse Joy

Lesbian Nurse

This is a story about very caring nurse and her female patient. And this nurse is ready to perform whatever that is quite to make her patient happier. Even if she will have to slurp and suck her thumbs, fumble their big naked tits and do a lot of other all girl things. It is pretty interesting that all these sapphic things are both kinky and sensuous at the same time. The one thing that you might miss in this"videogame" is really a gameplay as this is clearly more"flick" than"game". The only thing you can do is to manage the playback - pause, rewind and rewatch scenes that you enjoyed the most and so forth. On the other side you will be distracting from your hot treatment. This kind of games is not very lengthy and if you will like it then check our website - we've got more of these!

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