"Ouroboros" is a rpg-adventure game taking place in dream world. Recently thsi world proved to be a excellent location for nearly everyone who dwelt but because it always happens even when everything is correct there will be something that will go wrong... At first you may believe this is just another one game regarding courageous hero who's going to save the princess and that you have done this thing a million times before... but the issue is that our hero will have exactly the same sensing as you! Looks like monsters and all dungeons on earth is simply some sort of distraction to conceal an unbelievable true. But while you will be chasing this true don't forget to have some joy in dating and battling monsters!

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Individuals who knew me, are either dead or imprisoned. Those that are still alive, call me Thorne. Who am I today? I'm Solver. If you want to find somebody or get somebody killed, if you want your issues solved - then you come to me. There is not any case I would not take. Yeah, I guess I'm risking my own life, since I am tired and sick of it. Difficult to live sans purpose, isn't it?

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