This game is for everybody who's missing summer time vacations... and for all who think there is not any great adventure sans great orgy! The story which you're likely to play throyug now will let you know about cute gal Ahoroa who resides on a hot tropical island. Her job is easy - to - pick the blossoms for necklaces and market them to the vacationers. And she was doing it fine till she has growned up enough to entice tourists in other ways... To play the game that you need to go after the narrative and execute certain deeds as soon as your mouse cursor will change its type to target sign. List and description on these activity you will fin into"how to perform" tutorial in the main menu of the game (and you really should read it prior to playing with the game if you don't want to find stucke din teh very first scene).

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Tiki party

Sexy game with hot woman. You need to catch guitars and spiders to have things. That this background is going to be transformed to another backgroung that is sexy when you have enough points. You have to press pointer key left or right in your keyboard.

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