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Aladdin And The Magic Lamp

Pretty young cartoon celebrity guy Aladdin finds his magical lamp after long time searching and becomes joyful; he believes that from now he is an incredibly wealthy man. However, inside this exclusive flash porn game everything is different. When Aladdin rubs the lamp that he finds out that the genie is really a huge boobed bombshell and realizes only six sexual whishes. The very first whish is going to be a great blowjob from sexy assed chick. You can control the speed of activity by clicking "gradually","immediately" or"stop" button and if you think that Aladdin had click on"cum" button and tell another whish into a genie. Young hero of the sex game has pretty big cock and he is going to delight in a tight blowjob and smooth footjob before licking cunt and asshole. Get down on playing this adult game and discover out what other naughty whishes Aladdin got satisfied.

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