Booty Call Ep. 19 mardi gras part 1

The Booty Calsl is observed once more... and once again our dude Jake is ready to response the telephone! So join him and his homie Calvin on thier first ever trip to Mardu Grass festivale! And don't forgt that this is really a game and once the time for making difficult choice will come you'll have to help Jake to fix the dilemmas he will get on his or her way. Depending on this decisions you will either make Jake very blessed or proove to him this Mardi Grass festivale is not worth any attempts. The very first outcome is prefered ofcourse because how can you not be blessed withthese dolls dancing and flashing their udders around? And don't forget to dive into the center of this action on the streets where Jake' chances on getting laid will just increase! And don't forget to check for next vignette of Jake's adventures on our webiste also!

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