cherie deville

Cherie Porn Quiz

Because you can obviously see in the name this game is for all who likes watching porno and solving quiz... and who enjoys erotic model Cherie DeVille ofcoruse! The gameplay strategy is very comparable to other quiz games - you get the question and few response choices. If you pick the perfect one - you go farther on teh story and enjoy more and more hot video clips. Otherwise... well, then you might have to rewatch the section of teh story one mor etime! Taht's correct - in thsi quiz you won't need any of your encylopedic skill and erudition. The only thing you will need here is to pay enough of your attention on what is going on on the screen as all teh question will probably likely be onnecting to which you've just seen. Just do not be to fast in making your choices and you'll barely have any problems with playing this game!

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