back to the future

Fuck to the future

This game is obviously the parody on"Back to the future" trilogy... using a great deal of intercourse topics! Our primary leading lady here is Charlie - sexy blonde who has to make tough decisions pretty often. When she wakes up - does she wants to masturbate or if she move to the mall? If she want to squint afterward what she ought to use for it - carrot, cucmber or her faux-cock? And you'll have to help Charlie to make this decisions so lengthy as perform hot minigames together with her! When she eventually will get to the mall she will Doc Brown there! He will be presenting his fresh van there and to get the right to ride it Charlie will need to select one of three options of gratifying Doc... And we all know exactly what Doc Brown's van is really capable of - it's time machine. So Charlie finer be prepared to get fucked thru the years!

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