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"Bikini-hopping" is a plain but fun arcade using eroic elements which has in it sbasis fairly elementary thought - what if some damsel might have tits so large that gys could jump on these! Or what if the boy was smallish enough that any big tits coul dlet him on them to hop. However, no thing of the ide here you are going to do one thing - to hop between gigantic tits in orde rto get all the bonuses and not to fall down! To manage jumpings and all of the hops you cn use just two buttons - left and right arrow keys - and this will certainly put all your abilities of calculating the trajectory of pouncing under a test. There won't be any serious story behind all this and this is just an arcade made for few minutes of beach themed funtime. But if you are looking for something mor econtinous and unveiling from this them you need to check our webiste!
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In this flash game you'll have a chance to join the conflict with one and the heroines of all Dragon Quest. So, choose one of these 5 accessible girls: Minea, Bianca, mania, Jessica or Alena. Fight them with your skills and your own abilities. Prepare In the event they are defeat by you. Choose your skills and your skills prior to each battle. Depending upon the choice, the intricacy of the game will increase. Pick three creatures where the doll will struggle. As well as offensive and defensive skills. So the most important objective of the game is to help the gal kill these critters. You'll kill them, Should you behave properly. But if the creatures prevail, then they'll rape a huge-boobed doll. Or maybe you want to see only that? Whatever the case, the choice of what to do in the game is yours. If you are prepared to battle monstersthen start playing at this time.
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Since you have very likely guessed form the name of the game"H.A.S.H" it is going to be parody on quite popular in it is time TV series"M.A.S.H". And like this is not enough this will be an erotic parody! And you'll always meet with blond Charlie, where it is erotic parodies and this game will not be an exclusion. In terms of the story it will be quite helpfull to understand exactly what this old TV show was around but it's still true that you may attempt to play without it (just do not expect to know half of jokes afterward). Gameplay is fairly classic for games starring Charlie - you will be lovin’ jokey scenes after which you need to make a choice what will happen next by picking one of three choices. Then youcan attempt another options or you can continue playing building your own unique version of the story.
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